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Small, powerful, and Estonian

We have been using Voog since they started in 2007. Actually, the first steps of Sviiter were made the same year – so some of our oldest Voog sites are from that time.

It has been an amazing journey and privilege to see their growth while creating a cool and really comfortable web editor

Fun fact; did you know that before rebranding as Voog, they were called Edicy? 🙂

What is Voog?

Voog is a simple and intuitive content management system (CMS). In other words, the admin console where you can add and edit your website content. Voog is founded and developed here in Estonia. It comes with a subscription fee, which mainly includes hosting, but allows you to use and manage several built in features.

To whom?

Voog is basically meant for smaller websites, where functionalities aren’t that big or complex. However, this doesn’t mean that Voog is only for beginners – Voog supports multi-language, blogging and even e-commerce. Also, with powerful Voog Elements and API, it is suitable for many users.

Powerful packace of built-in features

Key features 

  • Multi language
  • Blogging
  • Forms
  • Elements
  • Voog API
  • e-shop

How we can help you:

We mostly build custom designs to Voog using the best tools available on Voog to support your business needs. We also offer consultation, so if you are planning to create a website and can’t decide whether to use Voog or something else, we could help you figure out the best solution for you.