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Summary of the 2022 - Summary of the 2022 - Summary of the 2022 - Summary of the 2022 - Summary of the 2022


2022, a year after Covid second wave, brought us loads of fresh and open-minded projects which in overall scale were websites or somehow linked to online. Despite that, there were many cool printed-oriented projects and re-prints as well.



Leanest is software development company with several exiting and useful SaaS based solutions which can help companies in production or staff management. They also develop AI solutions for production companies to optimise production itself. So, loads of cool stuff that needed more structured and fresh outcome.

We did re-branding – logo update, colouring, illustrations and updated and re-designed website which will be described below under Websites section.

Read more from portfolio


Stafflogic is one Leanest’ products that offers staff management and administration. The most professional Windows work station based workforce scheduling and time tracking software that supports Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian legislation which are suitable from micro to macro companies and offers several integrations to most common finance and sales programs.

We did small facelift to logo, upgraded colours and a website which will be described below under Websites section.

Ida-Virumaa Municipality Union

Ida-Virumaa Municipality Union (IVOL short in Estonian) had several visual appearances over the years. Their wish was to have a simple and clean logo and guidelines to preserve desired outcome of the identity.

IVOL is a joint organisation of Ida-Virumaa municipalities to manage different support system and deal with common management topics.

Logo includes coat of arms of Virumaa and word mark. Colouring is linked to Estonia, with blue sky, black lines and texts and white base as castle bricks.

Inner communication toolbox for Tori County

We created colourful and playful toolbox for Tori with friendly horse character illustrated by Joonas Sildre and expanded colour set from Tori County branding guidelines.

We also did similar project in 2020 to Estonian Ministry of Environment, where they had four visual directions (characters) to describe their values.

Read more about Tori from portfolio and check also mentioned 2020 project.

Bon Vegan brand update

The main purpose of this “small” brand update was to open some new markets but with that same small purpose we opened a kind of pandora’ box that gave the client several design and process sprints to run for almost whole year.

That included name change, updating packages visual appearance and logic starting from colours, typography, patterns, iconography, different fair and exhibition materials, homepage and social media. We must say, that the plan itself was pretty ambitious, but in general, in this current stage the new visual is ready to launch to the new markets and whole product lineup will follow in this current year.


Identity Guidelines website for the City of Tartu

Identity Guidelines website was a small but important project in major brand and visual appearance update made by AKU. This website helps different user groups to follow brand guidelines, use proper files, colours, fonts, illustrations etc. Everything that you might need when using Tartu new identity.

Visit website for more information.


We already mentioned Leanest project under branding, but now a bit more about the website as well. The main goal for the website was to build up unified product landing pages, that could speak same visual language, to give good product overview and would be easy to find contact information as well.

Each product category got also a themed illustrations that all together makes a whole in Leanest visual identity.

Read more from portfolio

Karmsund Group Estonia

Karmsund Group is Norwegian real estate company that started in marines and in managing marine infrastructure. In Estonia, the aim is more to mainland and they operate different kind of properties mainly in Harjumaa.

We created a website to support their property management, rental and also boosted up the branding to be more separated from the main company in Norway.

Visit website

Academical Sports Club of University of Tartu

One of the biggest and prestigious sports clubs in Estonia turned to us with a wish to update their website, as the main communication and information channel. The main goal was to fix overall UX and improving information retrieval.

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Stafflogic website

Stafflogic is one of the SaaS products of Leanest that is built for managing and planning personnel. Windows Workstation based software have loads of useful functions and supports integrations with wide variety of other products and softwares.

The main goal was to ease the overall look and experience, have a clear overview of main values and possibilities.

Visit website


Wesse Catalogue

The third edition of Wesse’s Catalogue gained some weight and loads of new cool projects that they have made over the years.

Now, more like a good bedside book, it contains 108 pages of awesome projects of all time. Cover and inner pages paper Olin Design Regular (240g and 150g), cover with french flap and glued PUR binding.

Go visit their Tallinn Showroom and ask a copy!

Riigi Kinnisvara Annual Report 2021

Like in previous years we made a 2021 annual report, which we got ready in the middle of the last year. It contained their achievements of 2021 formed as infographics, tables, reports, illustrated with project images.

This year report had a small visual update to try out some plans for upcoming years.


Bon Vegan Nutritional Yeast and much more

We really can put Bot to each category this year, like we mentioned before, the amount of work we did together was remarkable.

Entering to new market forced them to change whole visual identity which was built by KOOR Agency. We helped to implement and develop new identity to the packages and all other supporting materials – basically sets from tape to magazine covers, outdoor ads to business cards. Also social media, cars and some way-finding.

Of course there was more, even around ten to each category. This year we had everything on abundance and some projects are continuing also in this year.

Overall really productive and positive year. We also updated our own website, updated portfolio and improved service listing information. We kept our really popular blog and we re-open our online store for all of you soon. So, stay tuned!

Bring it on 2023!