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e-Commerce is here to stay - e-Commerce is here to stay - e-Commerce is here to stay - e-Commerce is here to stay - e-Commerce is here to stay


It is hardly a secret that e-commerce has been booming year after year around the globe. Having a platform for selling your goods online is vital for anyone who wants to reach a wider audience. 

However, when a few years ago, selling on the Internet was a small, often insignificant part of revenue for most shops, it is now becoming more and more relevant by the day. With the current situation regarding COVID, the inquiry for e-commerce solutions went up and is now over 60% of all inquires we’re receiving  today.

Many people think that setting up an e-commerce site is difficult and expensive. And it can be if you start looking for a designer or an IT company to set it up. With custom solutions, it tends to be, and that is the service we offer – custom built websites and e-commerce solutions from design and UI to developing, and different third party integrations.

Still, there is also another and also cheaper way. There are several services (VoogWixWeeblyWooCommerce, which work with WordPress) that offer ready-made templates for getting your first website or online shop up and running fast. Some of them have built a quite easy system for upgrading to custom templates and adding new functionalities since the online stores regularly expand over time.

Therefore, if your e-commerce idea is not bulletproof or you have a tighter budget, the first step could be to find a service provider to start with. Line up the main features you need and choose the right provider that fits you the most. Of course, if possible ask for help to get feedback of the solution that you are aiming for. Keep in mind that setting up an e-commerce site with a proper product catalogue, descriptions, images, payment methods, etc. takes time and moving from one service provider to another can take some added time from your calendar.

We in Sviiter mainly use WooCommerce and Voog as e-commerce solution providers. Here are some pros and cons from both services to keep in mind.

Pros – WooCommerce + WordPress

Pros – Voog

Cons – WooCommerce + WordPress

Cons – Voog

Let’s summarise all we mentioned. 

One suggestion for people planning their new online store or corporate site in general: take your time to find the best solution for your business needs and which suits your budget. Ready-made solutions can be started for free and the cost is mainly for the server. Custom made solutions are on a completely different scale; Voog has several features built in and it is a closed system for other integration, the price range could be even ten times or more when building a WooCommerce site with custom design and functionality. So, think it through, measure your possibilities, your budget, your plan and needs for upcoming 5 years. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for help, advice or just a second opinion before making a decision.

Also, think about your brand. A website is not just a random place to sell goods, it also helps to reach out your brand values, it is the most important sale channel or pipeline that you can control 100%. It is as or even more important nowadays than a physical store or cafe since peoples’ shopping habits are evermore digital. 

If you are not sure about the technical side, still have doubts which one to choose or which is the right one, book a consultancy and we’ll help you list the features you might need for your products and services.