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Symbols of the Ministry of the Environment  

The Ministry of the Environment created values to represent and determine their institution. We made the set of symbols and concept of the visual appearance.

The Ministry of the Environment is in the literal sense the most nature-friendly ministry of Estonia.

The task of the Ministry of the Environment is to create such prerequisites and conditions which ensure us and the following generations diverse nature and clean living environment as well as the sustainable use of natural resources.

The values created by the Ministry of the Environment are:
1) I notice and understand

Symbol: Bee
I notice positive and developing areas around me. I listen to different opinions and offer solution on how to make things easier and more efficient.

2) I care and hold

Symbol: Ant

I care about the environment, the people around me and express it through my actions and behavior.

3) I decide and I am responsible

Symbol: Oak

I know that I will influence future generations with my decisions. I dare to decide and take responsibility for my actions and omissions.

4) I learn and share

Symbol: Dandelion

I learn and develop myself consistently. I share my knowledge, experience and I am a role model in environmental awareness.

Client: The Ministry of the Environment

Contact: Krista Liiv


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